I wrote this book after my dear friend of twelve years, Buster, died, and I did not know how to ease my sadness.  I expected to see him every time I entered a room.  Sometime, I thought I could see him out of the corner of my eye, lying in his bed.  Sometimes, I could hear his collar jangle somewhere in the house or the click of his nails on the tile floor.  I especially missed seeing his beautiful face waiting at the front door for me to return home.  I could smell his fur and feel his head on my lap long after he had gone.

It is said that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, which makes me believe that somewhere within the universe Buster's energy still exists, as does the energy of all our departed loved ones.  I choose to feel him in my heart, alive and spirited within me.  May this little story lighten the burden of grief when loss is at hand, and turn a heavy heart to glad by nurturing the good memories that live within us.

Martin Rabbett
Author of "Forever Buster"

About the author: Martin Rabbett has performed, produced and directed for network television, Broadway, and regional theatre, including the Berkshire Theatre Festival.  This is his first Children's book